martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009


Railway bridge

After the Magdalena River, the iron bridge is one of the major tourist attractions in the town of Girardot. From this we can see a beautiful view of the river and the city. Also we can see the bridge Ospina Perez and the city of Flanders.

Boat Captain Rozo

La Barca del Capitan Rozo is one of the tourist attractions of great tradition in Girardot. Created by Captain Rafael Rozo Vega who was among the first who took an interest in making river tourism in the port girardoteño. His quest led him to build the boat that over time ...

Sun Island

It is a small island in the Magdalena river called the Isla del Sol, is a very nice site where you can get in contact with the river and nature. It enjoys a very soft sand beach.
He can be reached by boat or by ship from the Embarcadero Resort.

Mirador tree hill

Site where you can watch all Girardot. It can hike to this mountain and enjoy a natural landscape throughout the journey. Do not forget to bring insect repellent and your camera or camcorder photography.

The abode of the wind

This site is spectacular to see an overview of Girardot. In winter shows around an exuberant vegetación.Actualmente just been remodeled.

There you can spend a pleasant day with family and friends and take panoramic photos of the city.

High vantage point of the roses

It is a place to which we must go if we get a beautiful view of the Magdalena River with the mountains of the central mountains in the background. In addition also can be seen Santiago Vila airport and around Flanders.

Embarcadero Resort

Site for fun in Girardot near the river where you can enjoy a pleasant day of swimming and sun with his family, from which you can take boat rides, boats and ships, as Florentino Ariza, a newcomer to Girardot. Do not visit the Embarcadero Resort is like going to visit Bogota and not Monserrate.